Our Mission

The Bridge English Training Center is a faith-based organization that strives to equip non-English speakers through high-quality English classes, relational learning, and cultural diversity.

What is the Bridge?

The Bridge is a community centered around helping, training, and facilitating the needs of immigrants and refugees in need of assistance, friendship, and community. We strive to provide high-quality English-learning opportunities to our neighbors through classes, one on one tutoring, and community events. 


Where did we come from?

Starting from a small English-learning church ministry of one teacher and just a few students, we have grown into an English-learning facility that has catered to more than 100 students! We love to see our students grow in their confidence as English-speakers and are proud to have one of our original students become an English Teacher! 

What makes us different?

We all know there is more to living in a foreign country than just learning a language: that’s where we come in. Our goal is to help you in your journey to learning what it’s like to live in the United States. As you explore American culture, we're there for you! We strive to build a community of learners and friends at the Bridge, and in doing so, be a bridge to your own community. ​We offer:

  • Coffee hour discussions

  • American family nights

  • Cultural events

  • Movie nights 

  • And more!


Meet Our Staff


Charlton Sweazy



Chloe Milioni



Austin Lapp